Residential Pressure Washing

washing the front porch of a houseDoes the siding of your home have dirt, mold, mildew or green algae on it? If yes, it is time to have a professional cleaning. A clean home can increase your home’s property value and does wonders for curb appeal!

Home Pressure Washing

Hiring a professional to clean your home is a smart decision. Many homeowners don’t realize that improper use of pressure and chemicals can damage your home and surrounding landscape.

Our Safe & Effective Soft Washing System

At TLC Pro Wash, we use a soft washing system along with professional-grade, environmentally-safe soaps, cleaning agents, chemicals, and surfactants to carefully clean your home exterior. The specialized cleaning solution we use does all the work in removing dirt and organic growth, so no high pressure is needed.

The low water pressure, about as much as a garden hose, combined with our chemicals and soap mix provides amazing results. This technique is safe and effectively cleans the siding, shutters, trim, and the exterior of gutters with no harm to surrounding grass and plants. Your most valued investment will look great again!

Before & Afters

pressure washing the siding around a window
before and after pressure washing shutters and siding
before and pressure washing the siding of a home