Commercial Soft & Pressure Washing

pressure washing the sidewalk in front of a businessTLC Pro Wash knows the appearance of Commercial building exteriors, hard surfaces and roofs are an important representation of your business. Here at TLC Pro Wash, we use a soft washing system along with professional grade-environmentally safe soaps, cleaning agents, chemicals and surfactants to carefully clean your business exterior.

Building Exteriors

For building exteriors, TLC Pro Wash uses a specialized cleaning solution in removing dirt and organic growth, so no high pressure is needed. Using low water pressure, about as much as a garden hose, combined with our chemicals and soap mix provides amazing results.

Concrete & Hard Surfaces

We utilize commercial grade surface cleaners to clean concrete and other hard surfaces. Our pros operate the surface cleaners at an appropriate level of pressure, avoiding premature erosion of concrete. This feature is important, as a higher pressure can remove the top layer of cement, exposing the aggregate. Certain stubborn stains, molds and algae receive additional post treatment. Hard surfaces such as brick, tile, stone, or pavers can be cleaned using the soft wash system and the use a high-pressure washing surface cleaner for those harder to clean surfaces.


TLC Pro Wash cleans shingle roofs using low water pressure with chemicals and cleaning agents recommended by asphalt shingle manufacturers, along with a low-pressure (under 100 PSI) soft wash system. Our dedicated soft wash system allows for cleaning to be done without climbing on top of the roof. Our technique is safe for shingles!

Before & Afters

Bill pressure washing a brick office building
pressure washing a restaurant's patio
pressure washing a sidewalk